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Welcome to the Apple Ecosystem!

You’ve made an intelligent choice by investing in Apple Technology and Pony Express Tech can help you maximize your investment, productivity and enjoyment of your new Apple products. We offer onsite, personal training courses that are designed to familiarize you with the features and benfits of Apple Technology. In addition, we'll cater our training to meet your needs, with an emphasis on workflows, best practices, protecting your data and keeping your system secure.

All of our course content is authored by a former Level II AppleCare Senior Advisor
with over 6 years of experience supporting Apple’s consumer level products and services.

OS X Overview

Perfect for those new to Mac computers. This course introduces students to the various components that make up the operating system, shows students how to customize their Mac for a unique experience and touches upon best practices for maintaining your data and system integrity.

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Apple ID & iCloud

Your Apple Id is your personal key to the Apple Ecosystem and iCloud is the tool that will allow you to sync your data across multiple devices. The courses in this series of trainings are designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of both your Apple ID and iCloud services.

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OS X Applications

A series of courses designed to introduce you to the naitive applications that are a part of OS X. You'll learn the basics of mail, Calendar, Contacts, Safari, iTunes and the App Store. Advanced courses focus on customization, workflow, maintaining data integrity and best practices for keeping data secure and avoiding data corruption. 

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We're All About The Customer Experience

Regardless of whether you’re a computer wiz experiencing technical issues you can’t resolve or
a retired senior citizen trying to send your first email, you can count on Pony Express Tech to treat you respectfully,
take the time to learn about your technology needs, and present solutions in a clear, concise manner that makes sense.